We are fully aware of the (simple) fact that customers are always in need of a reliable supplier of wear parts. We take pride in our longstanding record of excellent relationships with our customers relationships that have time and again proved our reliability as high quality manufacturer and supplier, as well as on time execution of Orders and delivery.

The superior quality of our materials and manufacturing process ensure safe Operation in your pellet mills. We spare no efforts in trying to satisfy and to comply with our customers requirements for manufacturing a large variety of pellet die drillings even for most non-standard special applications.  Cost / Performance Ratio Economy matters to every entrepreneur. Thanks to the high quality and durability of our parts, your profit is guaranteed by our outstanding cost/performance ratio.  Easy Start-up Special gun drills produce smooth holes surface for simple start-up without a running-in period. Your pellet mill runs trouble free at füll capacity from the Start.

Supplying to 75 Countries around the globe Customers in 75 countries have chosen us as their supplier. We are at home around the world and this world experience has always given us the feed back necessary to continuously improve our products and Services.

Made in Germany

We manufacture all our products in our own factory in Germany, Glinde near Hamburg. We only employ highly skilled workers and put them through rigorous trainings before allowing them to become part of our production team.

At Optima we do our best to optimize your business.

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